About Me

18 years in the corporate life led me to question if there wasn’t more to life than money, possessions and routine. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the feeling of achievement my corporate life game me, money allowed me to travel and possessions gave me an instant smack in the endorphins. Over the past 2 years, however, I’ve become disillusioned with my life, my achievements and what I was leaving behind as my own personal legacy and knew I needed to change.

And so on the 7th April (which happens to be my brothers birthday) I handed in my letter of resignation to my company with one simple plan going forward. To grab on with both hands the opportunities that were out there.

Photography will of course take a lot of my focus, but there are plenty of other things I’m chasing and for that you can head on over to the Bucket list. Specifies on my running exploits can be found over here.

I’m stepping out into the unknown (for me) as for the past 18 years I’ve had a plan; work 9-5 and at the end of each month bring home a salary. Head out at the weekends shooting football mostly. Take a few weeks vacation each year (while dreaming about travelling and exploring for the other 50 weeks). This new life is as far removed from that routine as it could be and I have to say I’m excited and terrified in equal portions.

I want to live a life worth remembering and despite the corporate success, the money and the possessions I don’t think they will be what defines me and indeed what I think about as I breath my last.

A new life starts from today … And you are welcome along for the ride.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi!
    I just came across you through another blog and your comment just happened to sit above mine. I was very inspired to click on your blog as like you we are early 40’s and just embarking on a very similiar process, except on the other side of the world! We have run a business for over 15 years and very much caught in the rut of city living in Sydney, Australia and we are about to embark on building a house in NZ and pack the whole family up and throw caution to the wind hoping to find a better work/life balance and just live a different and hopefully better pace of life and just enjoy things a little more, get out of the pressure of city living.
    Your line above to live a life worth remember and the materialistic things we have is exactly or along the lines of what I have based or started my blog on. My first blog post that I only wrote last week (eeeek!) is about how much money we actually need and not having regrets.
    It is so nice to have found your blog and I will now be following on to hear about your adventures. I look forward to reading back as to how your journey started too.
    If you are interested in what I hope is an interesting read my little blog is http://www.queenstownvibes.com
    All the best


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