The Most Unadventerous List Ever

Sometimes you can get overwhelmed by the epic adventures folks post on their Instagram streams or talk about in their blogs. From trekking across mountainous terrain, camping on the edge of cliff faces or cycling across whole continents the adventures that everyone seems to be having are 100 times more interesting that anything you could possibly even start to consider let alone achieve.

The important thing I need to keep telling myself is that adventure should be a personal thing and what may seem the most unadventurous thing to one person can be the complete opposite to others.

Over a cup of coffee this morning I was considering the things that I’ve yet to experience in my life which are, to a degree, very achievable. I thought I’d make a list, it may be the most unadventurous list ever

  • Catch a fish, prepare it, cook it on an open fire, eat it
  • Bivy overnight somewhere remote
  • Skinny dip (don’t worry, I’ll hide myself away somewhere)
  • Cook on an open fire, on a beach while the sun sets
  • Experience a cloud inversion up a mountain
  • Spend 5 days biking / wild camping
  • Spend 3 days hiking / wild camping



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