Putting the Camera Down

As some may know I’m a photographer. And of course any photographer worth their salt loves to chase good light. Over the past few days, here on the North Coast of Ireland, we have been spoiled with some fantastic conditions.

Soft pinks and purples with candy floss wisps high in the atmosphere at sunrise followed by brooding fire breathing red dragons at sunset. We even had an evening with the beautiful Aurora dancing on the horizon. It would seem mother nature loves to remind us it’s St. Patricks Day.

Yesterday however, despite once again beautiful conditions, I put the camera down. I spent the day with my wife and we walked. We talked. We drank tea by the shore, watching the patterns made by the tide washing over the pebble strewn beach. Dogs chasing balls. Dogs chasing dogs. Owners chasing dogs.  At times we simply sat in silence.

As sunset approached we walked up to a high point overlooking the rocky shoreline as it started to take on the red tones of another glorious show from mother nature. A small starling murmuration twisted and twirled high above.  The calls of a distant Oyster catcher carried on the sea breeze.

Previously I would have seen myself agitated in trying to make an image, or frustrated with myself for leaving the camera behind. This time however I was in the moment. I could not have been happier with my lot as I squeezed her hand and watched the sun slowly dip behind the horizon. Another day almost over. Another sunset gone forever. A reminder as to the importance of living each day as fulfilled as possible. Something I continue each day to try and do. It’s still a learning process.

Reminded me of this video, the value of time.

A great day.



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