Looking After Number One

It’s Thursday 21st January 2016. In 3 days we will leave our home of the past 15 years to begin our journey to our new pad on the North Coast of Ireland.  It’s been a long time in coming, given we first agreed the rental back in November. In hindsight we wish we had have done the switch over much quicker.

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We have been very busy, both in regards to packing up the house (and semi unpacking it into the new place) along with the general rush of the holiday season, seeing friends and finishing up tasks at work (in Nicola’s case). I’ve realised however that while we have been very busy we have also been equally very lazy.

The laziness I talk about is from a health and personal growth perspective. I realise that I can be very guilty when I know there is a specific date coming up which allows me to fool myself into saying I’ll start my new regime on that date. Perfect example of this, which I’m sure a lot of folks out there can testify to, is the New Year. You know, 1st January, the diet / exercise regime starts then and so with that in mind I can let myself go a little (or in my case, a lot).

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One of the key reasons for this move is to help both Nicola and I focus on our health and well being. We are rather bad influences on each other in regards to laziness and without too much of the distraction of the normal 9-5 routine we are hoping to stop the decline and improve ourselves both mentally and physically. Right now however, we have both fallen into the trap of waiting to start any new regime until we are physically over in Ireland which really hasn’t helped our well being. Too much bad food. Too many trips to the local pub. Too little exercise. Too much time spent doing pursuits which bring little or no value to our life.  In my experience the waiting period, this treading of water, can sometimes put you into a worse state of mind (and body) than your normal day to day behaviour.

I also realise, as I take time to read back through most of the blog posts, that rather being about the bucket list specifically and living a new and purposeful new life, most of the posts have been about my continued struggles and attempts to break out of a pretty unhealthy pattern.  I now realise that instead of focusing on the bigger picture, the bucket list and way into the future I need to instead turn my attention back upon myself. To the here and now.

As I mentioned on my photography blog a few months ago this pattern has a dramatic (negative) effect on my creativeness, leaving me struggling to even pickup the camera at times. In that post I mentioned that I had been doing (and still am) a lot of reading in regards to the daily habits of creative people. I’ve actually started to look more closely at my own daily habits and how much value they are actually bring to my life, not just in regards to creativity but general mental and physical wellbeing. Of course changing a daily habit is a pretty difficult thing to do and while there are a number of areas I want to focus on (health, creativeness, diet, mental state) I know I need to approach the change of daily habits with baby steps.

With this in mind I feel it’s much better to look to introduce new daily (and positive) habits one at a time. I feel this blog therefore over the coming weeks and months may focus less on the bucket list, and more about my own (or rather our own) personal growth as we attempt to right the many wrongs of the past 10+ years. I already know that I need to be honest with myself and while it may be difficult to pen some of the words and open up publicly here, I personally feel it’s an important step. Not for everyone I know, but for me I believe it can help. Perhaps through time my words can also help others.

Oaky enough with this particular post. Next stop, summer in Ireland !

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