Beauty on Your Doorstep

I think I’ve mentioned before my growing love for Scotland, the Highlands and the especially the Islands. Well I think the reason why is perhaps encapsulated in the video below. Just beautiful, and to think right now this landscape is no more than a few hours from where I write this post.

Hebridean dreams from Mo Thomson on Vimeo.

One day, in the next 18 months, I hope to pitch a tent will pitch a tent on one of those wild landscapes shown in the video. To run the trails surrounded by craggy mountains on either side. To swim in the ocean. To photograph wild horses running on deserted beaches. To breath in the Atlantic air.

Still one of my favourite runs to date was the time Alistair and I thought it would be a good idea to run around the Isle of Arran. Turned out it was not only the hottest weekend of the year, but Arran was actually the hottest place in the country. Every time I watch this video a huge smile beams across my face.

Campervan Fun on Mull

Campervan Fun on Mull

Beauty really is on everyone’s doorstep if they just take the time to look and explore.


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