The Others I Blame (aka THANK from the bottom of my heart)

(please note, if your name is listed here it in no way means that when my new life potentially leads to living in a #TinHut wearing only a loin cloth and a smile, planning a jungle ultra in the Amazon (or similar), while photographing some small bug that could kill you just by looking at you, will my wife hunt you down and beat you with a large stick ….. honest (it will be a medium sized stick at best)) 

In an earlier post I talked about two of the main people in my life who have influenced me most in my decision on this new direction of my life – my parents. In this post I’d like to call out others who, in their own small way, have helped me reach what I feel is the one of the most importance decisions of my life.

The Photographers, Adventurers and Risk Takers; The Get Shit Done Folks …

Most of these folks I’ve never met in real life, with all of their advice, inspiration and direction coming through interactions with them via online / social media or in their books and published articles. While a few of these folks I had been following (online, not literally stalking .. honest) for a number of years, most of them are connections made only in the past 18 months. I feel a large part of this recent uptake is directly related to my willingness to open myself up to what I feel is the life I’m supposed to be leading  – I feel you naturally gravitate to others who inspire when you are open to it, and everyone on this list does exactly that.

Inspire, Challenge, Provoke, Take Action

There have been many articles, videos posts and talks given, on a number of different topics, which have inspired me yes. They have however also made me angry at myself, questioned my own life and purpose, laughed and cried uncontrollably in equal measures and indeed a few of these articles have literally floored me, like a punch in the stomach from a heavy weight boxer. They are all now part of my life (even though they don’t quite know it) and I just wanted to thank them publicly. Thank them from the bottom of my heart ! I’ve only included a few extracts of why I’m so thankful for them but I would advise you to take your time to click on the link back to their little space on the web and find out more. Trust me, not only won’t you be disappointed, but you may actually find some inspiration to help you too make some positive changes in your life as well.

Alastair Humphreys

  • Mr Microadventure man, but much more than this as well. Bringing others together who are seeking out change. Always challenges what people think of as normal. Loves sleeping outside. Built his own man-shed.

Scott Kelby

  • A more passionate (about photography amongst other things) man you could not wish to meet. Wears this passion truly on his sleeve. Shares his wisdom – continuously. One day Scott I hope I can buy you a coffee and give you a big old man hug ! Actually I guess a special thanks to all at Kelby One – you continue to drive me on to better things.

Chase Jarvis

  • A number of the Chase Jarvis Live shows had me in floods of tears as I realised I could have been the only person in the audience, the message for me was so clear. Always pushing the limits. Top top top photographer as well. Could probably act as the next James Bond as well. (apart from the accent)

National Geographic Photographers

  • Okay, okay I know this isn’t exactly one particular person, but I must have watched the Proof Video like a gazzilion (and one) times. Photography has the Power to Change the World. I believe that. I want to be part of that. Did I tell you I want, one day, to work for National Geographic ?

Anna McNuff

  • A smile that could make even a Zombie Apocalypse seem better. Runner and Adventurer and all round amazing woman. Currently running the length of NZ, both North and South Island. Did I mention she smiles .. A LOT ! And her smile is bloody infectious. Rumour has it she loves cake.

Sean Conway

Elia Locardi 

  • One of my favourite travel photographers. Despite his busy schedule, always has time for advice. A Fuji Rock god. Inspires both from his photography as well as life on the road. A proper digital nomad.Top man.

George Monibot

  • Looking for Career Advice? Well look no further than here. Author of many books, the latest of which Feral, I’m currently reading. Has explored. Has challenged. Continues to uncover and document. Loves forgotten corners, ponds and ditches.

Rolf Potts

  • The book, for me, that kicked things of many years ago – Vagabonding; An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long Term Travel. Blog continues to inspire on an almost daily basis.

Chris Guillebeau

  • I first heard about Chris on one of the episodes of Chas Jarvis Live. Have gone on to read many of his books including Art of Non Conformity. Has visited (193 at the time) every country in the world.

So there you have it, 10 folks who have, without realising it, literally changed my life. I’m honestly not quite sure of the next step, or indeed where this journey will take me, but I know I have a creative and adventurous fire burning deep in my stomach which has been lit and kindled by the words and actions of the folks above.

So I thank you …. you all ROCK !

I bet those 10 folks could put on one hell of a conference together. We should make that happen.


2 thoughts on “The Others I Blame (aka THANK from the bottom of my heart)

  1. Thank you – that is very kind to include me on this list amongst some truly amazing folk! Good luck with your adventures…


  2. Ah man, this is totally awesome! I’ve blushed. Thank you. Rolf Potts has a lot to answer for – his book is the reason I started questioning the daily grind and gave over to a life of ADVENTURE. Wahooooo! Al and Sean are constant close sources of inspiration, and I hope that I’ll get to high-five the rest on the list one day soon. Bring on the new direction – huge congrats! I’m off to fight some zombies…. 🙂


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